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Angelite has a soothing and nurturing energy, this crystal reminds you that there is always someone to reach out to, It connects you to your support system. Reminiscent of an angel’s wings. Angelite's properties help you open up your lungs to bring you back with your breath. By connecting with your breath, it helps you to find the feelings of love and support that you are looking for, it helps you return to yourself and feel the presence of your angels, so you never feel alone. Angelite helps you to speak your truth, it promotes communication and self-expression it removes fear, anger and anxiety, it encourages forgiveness. Angelite supports the throat, reducing inflammation and balancing the thyroid and the parathyroids. It repairs tissue and corrects blood deficiencies and helps to renew blood vessels, it balances the fluids within the body,  it is helpful in weight control, and can help the lungs and arms.  Angelite can also be used to alleviate headaches, aid heart function, help the circulatory system and heal infectious diseases.  

One tumble will be picked at random, the tumbles will vary in colour and size, no 2 will be the same, they are between 2-3cm in size

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Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide!!

Are your crystals real?

YESSS! Our crystals are 100% genuine and consciously sourced from all over the world!