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Hematite helps absorb negative energy, any toxic emotions around you, it can calm your troubled mind by giving you clarity and focus. Hematite also stimulates concentration and focus, strengthening your memory and creative thoughts. It also grounds and protects; it strengthens your connection with the earth, giving you a feeling of stability and safety. It can also help assist your manifestation dreams into reality, it brings courage, strength, endurance, and energy upon us. Hematite is perfect if you are nervous or restless for no apparent reason, it gives the strength and the bravery to stand up for your beliefs and views, it is a powerful stone that will help with shyness, self-esteem, and survival, as well as increasing your willpower and instills confidence. It helps in treating overeating, smoking, and other kinds of compulsions and addictions.

One tumble will be picked at random, the tumbles will vary in colour and size, no 2 will be the same, they are between 2-3cm in size

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Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide!!

Are your crystals real?

YESSS! Our crystals are 100% genuine and consciously sourced from all over the world!