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Mahogany Obsidian

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This powerful grounding stone works to bring thoughts and ideas into action, this crystal works to remove limitations that restrict your life path. Mahogany Obsidian works to remove judgement on decisions, this stone works to unlock and enhance your creative energy. You will be able to express your true self, you’ll be able to look at the world around you with differently, it also supports the body’s physical health and overall well-being. Its healing energies can help many conditions and overall physical healing. You can use this stone to relieve different kinds of pains in the body. This stone is also good for improving blood circulation, it can boost the functions of the kidneys and the liver.

One tumble will be picked at random, the tumbles will vary in colour and size, no 2 will be the same, they are between 2-4cm in size

Common questions we get!

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide!!

Are your crystals real?

YESSS! Our crystals are 100% genuine and consciously sourced from all over the world!