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Sodalite has the power to purify the organs, It can also boost your immune system and protect you from the most common illnesses.

It is also known that this stone can also increase your metabolism, can improve digestion, and even lower your high blood pressure.

Sodalite can help with sleep issues, travel sickness, water retention, liver cleansing and anxiety attacks.

It enables you to balance out your negative thoughts with positive ones. Sodalite can help you get rid of guilt and irrational fears.
Sodalite promotes confidence, communication and creativity.

Sodalite is recognised as the most powerful crystal for dissolving guilt, fear and general self punishment. It bridges the gap between your mind and your heart bringing clarity to mental confusion and inner peace.

It is great for anyone lacking confidence as it encourages high self esteem and self acceptance

It’s a great stone for anyone who suffers anxiety or panic attacks, it can bring deep peace and emotional balance.

Sodalite is an excellent stone for those who are weight watching as it encourages release of water retention and soothes the mind.

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YESSS! Our crystals are 100% genuine and consciously sourced from all over the world!